Eligibility Info

If you are unsure which student category you belong to or if you need to submit an application, please follow the decision tree.

Note: Once you submit your on-line application, you will receive an automated email with a confirmation number indicating that your application has been received.  In mid-April, all approved applicants will receive a separate activation email providing computing account, registration, and fee payment information.

Participating in this educational program does not in itself provide preference in admission to the University of California and the application is for Summer Sessions ONLY. Students interested in applying to UC Davis should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 530-752-2971 for details about the admissions process.

UC Davis students who are enrolled during Spring 2018 and have not filed to graduate Spring Quarter DO NOT need to complete an application for Summer Sessions. Further information regarding current UC Davis student eligibility can be found here

In addition to currently enrolled UC Davis students, UC Davis Summer Sessions are open to:

Incoming students: freshmen and transfersOther UC students

Non-UC and Non-continuing UCD studentsInternational studentshigh school studentsUC Davis Career staff