Non-UC Students

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UC Davis Summer Sessions are open to all US college and university students, so you do not have to have been admitted to UC Davis to take summer courses here. At our top-ten ranked public research institution, we are nationally known for innovations in disciplines from food science to engineering to veterinary medicine.  Summer offers you access to hundreds of courses representing most of our 100 majors.  

See the best of California

Located midway between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, UC Davis is a convenient jumping off point to explore all that Northern California has to offer. We’re less than 30 minutes from California’s state capitol in Sacramento, close to Napa, and within a day’s drive to Yosemite, giant redwoods, and the Pacific Ocean. 

Davis, located in Yolo County, is a bike-friendly, quintessential college town with all the amenities of a large city. Downtown Davis boasts old-world cafes, hip sushi bars, and pub quizzes almost every night of the week. Fourth of July celebrations include skydiving, music, fireworks and a bike race. The Yolo County fair, occurring in August, hosts an annual demolition derby and is one the of the remaining free admission county fairs in the US. It’s difficult to be bored during a summer at UC Davis. 

Eligibility for enrollment

You are considered a US student if you are 18 years or older and one or more of these applies:

  • Are currently enrolled in another, non-UC affiliated college or university
  • Are a US citizen or permanent resident (international students click here)
  • Have never been admitted to UC Davis or another UC campus
  • Visiting from a non-UC college or institution with or without a college degree

Steps for enrolling in Summer Sessions

Step 1: Complete the simple application form here.

There is no application fee for Summer Sessions. No transcripts or letters of recommendation are required to apply.

Step 2: Apply for financial aid - deadline is in June.

As student from another university, you may qualify for financial aid at UC Davis, but you must complete a separate application and submit all of the required information. You will need to submit the previous year’s FAFSA. Please refer to the Summer Financial Aid page for information on how to apply.  

Step 3: Choose your classes.

Summer Session courses compress ten weeks of instruction into six, so we strongly recommend that you take no more than 8 units per session.

We offer hundreds of courses. Check out our courses page for information on how to search course offerings and register. Our course flyers will help you find information by college and major.   

Step 3a: Talk to your advisor.

We recommend that you talk to your advisor at your university if you plan to transfer UC Davis coursework for credit back to your home institution.

Step 4: Register for classes - opens April 30, 2018.

Use Schedule Builder to register for classes.

Participating in this educational program does not in itself provide preference in admission to the University of California. Students interested in applying to UC Davis should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 530-752-2971 for details about the admissions process.