Enrollment Information

Enrollment and Restrictions

Types of Restrictions

Student Level Restriction

A student-level restriction refers to Undergraduate, Second Baccalaureate, Graduate, etc. 

College Restriction

A college restriction refers to the College of Biological Sciences, Letters and Sciences, etc. 

Major Restriction

You must be declared under that particular major to enroll in these major restricted courses.

Class-Level Restriction

A class-level refers to Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, etc. 

During Summer Sessions most students register for 3-8 units per session.  Schedule Builder, the student registration system will permit students to register for up to 15 units in each session (Session One, Special Session, Session Two). Students who wish to take more than 15 units in any session should Contact an Expert at the Office of the University Registrar.

During registration, Summer financial aid is awarded based on initial enrollment dates and being registered or waitlisted in six (6) or more units. Aid will be subject to cancellation if you drop below six (6) units. The unit requirements and schedule for disbursement is available on the Financial Aid for Summer website.

Enrollment for some courses is restricted to certain students. Restrictions are listed in Schedule Builder and the Class Search Tool. Schedule Builder will not allow you to enroll in these courses unless you are eligible. If the course is restricted to Majors, Non-majors, Seniors, Upper Division or Class, you may request permission to waive the restriction from the instructor or department that offers the course. If the restriction is waived, the department will issue you a PTA number.

If you recently submitted a change of major form, Schedule Builder will not allow you to enroll in courses with major restrictions until your student record has been updated with your new major; contact the Office of the University Registrar for more information.

Some restrictions may be added late at the request of the department offering the course.

Duplicate Course, Section, Equivalent, or Cross-listed Courses

You may not enroll in multiple sections of the course or the same course more than once, including cross-listed and equivalent courses. The wait-list email notification indicates the CRN of the course section that is considered a duplicate. You need to drop the registered course before the system can proceed.

Time Conflict

On occasion, departments need to change the time for which a course is offered. If this occurs, the wait-list email notification indicates the CRN of the course that conflicted with your wait-listed course. If you still wish to enroll, you need to drop the conflicting course. If you have a time conflict, obtain the instructor’s permission to add a course with a Permission to Add (PTA) number from the department.

Illegal Repeat Errors

Undergraduate students will be prevented from enrolling in courses that are considered an illegal repeat effective Fall 2012. Please review the information for the specific illegal repeat error on the Illegal Repeats webpage as you may be eligible to enroll after you have resolved a pending grade or obtain appropriate approval.

Registration Freeze

No student may register or change their enrollment during the registration freeze period, which begins on the registration fee payment deadline. Once this registration freeze is lifted, all eligible students may access the myucdavis Schedule Builder to enroll or change course enrollments. Students who are dropped for non-payment of fees remain eligible to enroll in classes for that session. If a student dropped for non-payment of fees decides to re-enroll in classes, after the registration freeze, regular university fees will be assessed to the student's account. A $110 late fee will be assessed to the student's account after registration fees are paid. The late fee will also be assessed to any student registering for the first time after the Student Fee Payment Deadline. It is recommended that students pay the late fee at the time they pay for registration to avoid having to make a second payment after the late fee is added to their account. Please be aware that if you use MyBill to pay your fees, it does not allow overpayment. In that situation, you will receive a second billing statement for the late fee and any other accrued charges.

Late Schedule Adjustments (PTA/PTD)

Every effort should be made to adjust your schedule prior to the last day to add or drop a course, which is listed in the Summer Sessions Calendar. In the unlikely event you need to make adjustments to your schedule (i.e., to drop, add, or do a section switch) after the last day to add or drop for each session, but before the final is given, special permission is required and is not guaranteed.

To add a course: request a Permission to Add (PTA) number from the department that is offering the course. If your request is approved, access Schedule Builder and add the course within 72 hours of obtaining the PTA. Your account will be billed $3 for a late adjustment fee.

To drop a course: request a Permission to Drop (PTD) number from your college dean’s office and provide documentation to support your reason for the late drop (academic reasons are not acceptable). If your request is approved, access Schedule Builder and drop the course within 72 hours of obtaining the PTD. Your account will be billed $3 for a late adjustment fee.

The deadline for all adjustments is the Friday of the fifth week of instruction.  After the deadline, all adjustments are considered to be retroactive changes and require documentation of exceptional circumstances. Please consult the UC Davis General Catalog for information on retroactive changes. Additional information can be obtained from the Office of the University Registrar's website.

Closed/Cancelled Courses

Schedule Builder will check the status of each course before you can enroll. If the course has been closed or canceled, you will be given a registration error. If the course is canceled, search for alternate courses by selecting "Add / Search Courses" in Schedule Builder or “Class Search Tool” for a list of available courses or the Summer Sessions course schedule. Canceled courses will be automatically dropped from your schedule.

You should confirm your schedule by accessing Schedule Builder prior to the first day of the session and periodically throughout the session. When a course is changes or canceled, a system-generated email is sent out to the student.