Field Course: Soil Science

Field Studies of Soil Resources in California

soil science summer 2009

SSC 105 CRN 60547
SSC 205 CRN 60550

Dates: June 26 – July 14
Class schedule: Daily field course outside of campus in central and southern CA.
Location: Central and Southern California
Application/Registration Deadline: June 19, 2017
Enroll in: Special Session
Instructor: Randy Dahlgren & Toby O'Geen
Units: 5

Course Description

Fees and Registration - Important Information

Please register by June 19, 2017.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR SUMMER SESSIONS FIELD COURSES. You will be billed and remain liable for fees even if you withdraw or cancel your enrollment in Summer Sessions Field Courses.

Fees: Students pay regular costs for Summer Sessions, the campus fee, and an additional $350 program fee. 

Prerequisite: Soil Science 100 and 120, or equivalent recommended

Field-based studies of soils in California ecosystems, away from campus, throughout California. Emphasis on description and classification of soils; relationships among soils, vegetation, geology, and climate; physical, chemical, and biological processes in soils on the landscape; and the role of soils in land use. May be repeated one time for credit.

Expanded Course Description: Field-based studies of soils in California ecosystems, away from campus, with travel throughout much of central and southern California. The course is approximately three weeks in length each summer, and alternates annually between northern and southern California; this year we will study in southern California. The class may be repeated once (northern vs. southern California trips) to allow a broad perspective of soils and California landscapes. Grading includes an exam, a course summary written report, a field exercise, and quizzes. For those taking the course as SSC 205, an extra written project that focuses on the application of some aspect of the course to a natural resource issue that involves soils is required. Contact the instructor for details.

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