2017 Field Course Information

Field Course General Information

Off-campus field courses provide unique educational experiences, the chance to take advantage of unusual locations, or include course-related field trips and first-hand cultural or scientific immersions. Because of their unique locations, logistics, and content, field courses typically require program fees in addition to the standard per-unit fee. They may also require special application processes during, or in some cases, before the standard enrollment period. Please check program descriptions and application forms carefully for specific application and enrollment deadlines.

For more information regarding specific field course logistics, please contact the academic department sponsoring the course.

You will be billed and will remain liable for fees even if you withdraw or cancel your enrollment in Summer Session Field Courses. Should you need to cancel or withdraw from Summer Session Field Courses, you will need to complete a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Office of the University Registrar.

No refunds will be provided beyond Thursday, June 15, 2017.

Enrollment Process

Enrollment for some field courses can be completed directly through the On-line Student Portal. Other field courses require a special application, which is available by the department offering the course and/or online. Please contact the sponsoring department if you have further questions or concerns. Additionally, please carefully follow the enrollment instructions for each course and the particular requirements for application and fee payment.

Travel Insurance Coverage

The University of California offers students travel insurance coverage at no additional cost, for a wide variety of accidents and incidents that may occur while participating in UC-sponsored and supervised off-campus activities, domestic or abroad. Registration is required for these activities occurring domestically and overseas. Please see the UCOP Website for more information.


2017 Field Courses:

Department Course Course Title Dates Last Day to Drop for Full Refund Additional Field Course Cost
Anthropology ANT 181L Archaeological Methods 6/26/17-8/4/17 6/15/2017 $1,100.00
Geology GEL 110 Summer Field Geology 6/19/17-7/31/17 6/15/2017 $1,350.00
Soil Science SSC 105 Field Studies of Soils 6/26/17-7/14/17 6/15/2017 $652.92
Soil Science SSC 205 Summer Field Course 6/26/17-7/14/17 6/15/2017 $521.47