Session 1: June 22nd - July 31st   |   Session 2: August 3rd - September 11th

Summer Sessions staff are working remotely through April 7th due to health concerns related to COVID19. There may be a delay in responses to voicemails and emails. 

2019 Guaranteed to Go Courses

Note: All 2020 Guaranteed to Go courses will be added by the end of April.

Courses for Summer Sessions 2019 are organized by College, Special Sessions, and 1 and 2 Unit Courses. Please note that course offerings are subject to change so be sure to confirm details during registration. If there are specific questions about a course, please contact the appropriate department. Registration will begin in April.

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Guaranteed to Go Courses


  • College of Biological Sciences
  • MIC 103L Introductory Microbiology Laboratory
    MCB 120L Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Laboratory
    NPB 101L Systemic Physiology Laboratory
    BIS 2A Intro. to Biology: Essentials of Life on Earth
    BIS 2B Intro. to Biology: Principles of Ecology and Evolution
    BIS 2C Intro. to Biology: Biodiversity and the Tree of Life
    EVE 100 Introduction to Evolution
    EVE 101 Introduction to Ecology
    EVE 111 Marine Environmental Issues
    EVE 120 Global Change Ecology
    MIC 10 Natural History of Infectious Diseases
    MIC 98/198 Current Topics in Immunology
    MIC 102 Introductory Microbiology
    NPB 101 Systemic Physiology
  • College of Letters & Science
  • Courses in the College of Letters and Science with less than 10 enrollees will be canceled. 
    HIS010C 19th-20th Century World History
    ANT152 Human Evolution
    ECN100A Intermediate Micro Theory: Consumer and Producer Theory
    PHI012 Intro to Symbolic Logic
    POL001 Amer Natl Govt
    ENL005F Introduction to CW: Fiction
    WMS140 Gender and Law
    NAS001 Introduction to Native American Studies
    NAS005 Introduction to Native American Literature
    FRE001 Elementary French
    FRE002 Elementary French
    FRE003 Elementary French
    SPA001 Elementary Spanish
    MAT017A Calc for BioSci
    PHY009B Classical Physics

    Classical Physics

  • College of Engineering
  • ECI114 Probabalistic Systems Analysis
    ENG035 Statics
    ENG104 Mechanics of Materials
    EME050 Manufacturing Processes
    EME109 Experimental Methods
    EME172 Automatic Control of Engineering Systems
    ENG102 Dynamics
    ENG103 Fluid Mechanics
    ENG105 Thermodynamics
    ECH 51 Material Balances
    ECH 140 Mathematical Methods
    ECH 145B Chemical Engineering Transport Lab
    ECH 1 Design of Coffee
    ENG 17 Circuit I
    EEC 18 Digital Systems I
    ENG 6 Engingeering Prob Soloving
    ENG 100 Electric Circuits and Systems
    EEC 100 Circuits II
  • School of Education (Offers a Minor!)
  • EDU 100 Introduction to Schools
    EDU 110 Educational Psychology: General
    EDU 115 Educating Children with Disabilities
    EDU 119 The Use and Misuse of Standardized Tests
    EDU 120 Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education
    EDU 122 Children, Learning and Material Culture
    EDU 130 Issues in Higher Education
    EDU 150 Cultural Diversity and Education in a Sociopolitical Context
  • College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • ESP 001 Environmental Analysis
    ESP 100 General Ecology
    ESP 179 Environmental Impact Assessment
    BIT 161A Genetics and Biotechnology Laboratory
    ARE 143 Investments
    ARE 155 Operations Research and Management Science
    ARE 100A Intermediate Microeconomics: Theory of Production and Consumption
    ARE 171 Principles of Finance
    ARE 106 Econometric Theory and Applications
    ARE 115A Economic Development
    ARE 139 Futures and Options Markets
    ARE 18 Business Law
    ARE 100B Intermediate Microeconomics: Imperfect Competition, Markets and Welfare Economics
    ARE 118 Tax Accounting
    ARE 172 Financial Management of the Firm
    ARE 112 Fundamentals of Organization Management
    ARE 144 Real Estate Economics
    ARE 145 Farm and Rural Resources Appraisal
    ARE 119 Intermediate Managerial Accounting
    HDE 12 Human Sexuality
    HDE 100A Infancy and Early Child
    HDE 101 Cognitive Development
    HDE 110 Contem American Family
    HDE 120 Res Method Human Dev
    HDE 100B Middle Child & Adol
    HDE 100C Adult & Aging
    HDE 102 Social & Personal Dev
    NUT 010V Discov & Concepts
    NUT 11 Curr Topics in Nutrition
    NUT 120AN Nutritional Anthropology
  • Graduate School of Management (Offers a Minor!)
  • MGT 11A Elementary Accounting
    MGT 11B Elementary Accounting
    MGT 120 Managing and Using Information Technology
    MGT 140 Marketing for Technology Management
    MGT 150 OB for Technology Management
    MGT 160 Finance for Technology Management
    MGT 170 Management Accounting and Control
    MGT 180 Supply Chain Management