2021 In-Person Courses

The classes below will be held in-person or a hybrid model. Individual class information is below if provided by the instructor(s).  Please contact the instructor if you have more questions.  

  • College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
  • ABT 317 Teaching Agricultural Mechanics
    ANS 107 Zoo Biology & Research
  • College of Biological Sciences
  • BIS 2C

    Introduction to Biology: Phylogenetics and the Tree of Life 

    Note: Lectures and exams will be delivered remotely. For labs, students in each section will have the option of synchronous remote attendance or a hybrid model alternating between in-person and remote attendance.
    BIS 124  Coastal Marine Research  
    EVE 114 Experimental Invertebrate Biology  
    EVE 16

    Capstone Projects at Stebbins Cold Canyon

  • College of Engineering
  • EME 50  Manufacturing Processes
  • College of Letters and Science
  • ANT 156A Human Osteology Note: The lecture part of the course will be delivered virtually. For the laboratory part of the course, students will attend a weekly in-person session in which they will be able to study bones that have been placed at different stations within the classroom.
    ANT 181L Archaeological Field Methods  
    GEL 110A Structure and Neotectonics  
    GEL 110B Volcanology and Geophysics