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Summer Course Offerings

Current UC Davis students and students who have applied to Summer Sessions and received an ID number can use the Schedule Builder to browse and register for courses. Courses will be available by March 2017.

Non-UC Davis students can browse courses using the Class Search Tool.

View our Guaranteed-to-Go course listings - these courses will definitely be taught during the summer. You may also download a pdf of all of the course offerings* below. 

*Note: some of these courses may be subject to change. Updated 5/8/2017.

Special Sessions

Special Sessions courses have start and end dates that do not fall within the general six-week schedule and/or have other exceptions that do not allow them to be offered entirely during Session 1 or Session 2. 

Department CRN Course Course Title Dates Last Day to Drop for Full Refund
Arabic 60184 ARB 001A Intensive Elem Arabic 6/26/17 - 9/15/17 7/3/2017
Arabic 60582 ARB 021A Intensive Interm Arabic 6/26/17 - 9/15/17 7/3/2017
Chinese 60204 CHN 001A Intensive Elem Chinese 6/26/17 - 9/15/17 7/3/2017
German 60394 GER 001A Intensive Elem German 6/26/17 - 9/15/17 7/3/2017
Hindi 60583 HIN 001A Intensive Elem Hindi 6/26/17 - 9/15/17 7/3/2017
Japanese 60442 JPN 001A Intensive Elem Japanese 6/26/17 - 9/15/17 7/3/2017
Spanish 60534 SPA 001A Intensive Elem Spanish 6/26/17 - 9/15/17 7/3/2017
Molecular & Cellular Biology 60464 MCB 120L Molec Biol & Biochem Lab 7/24/17 -9/15/17 7/3/2017
Biological Sciences 60494 NPB 101L Systemic Physiology Lab 6/26/17 -9/1/17 7/3/2017
UC Center Sacramento          
UC Center Sacramento Request from dept.  POL 192A Political Science Internship 6/21/17 - 8/22/17 6/21/2017
UC Center Sacramento Request from dept.  POL 192B Supervised Internship 6/21/17 - 8/22/17 6/21/2017
UC Center Sacramento Request from dept.  POL 195 The California Policy Seminar 6/21/17 - 8/22/17 6/21/2017
Field Courses          
Anthropology Request from dept.  ANT 181L Archaeological Methods


Geology 60393 GEL 110 Summer Field Geology 6/19/17-7/31/17 6/15/2017
Soil Science 60547 SSC 105 Field Studies of Soils 6/26/17-7/14/17 6/15/2017
Soil Science 60550 SSC 205 Summer Field Course 6/26/17-7/14/17 6/15/2017

Please see the dedicated pages for Field Courses, Variable Length courses, and Special Programs for information on applications, enrollment, and refunds. 

Check the refund policies for all Special Session Courses. Some Special Session courses do not allow refunds.

Special Programs

Special programs have multiple courses and may require an application.