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Summer Guaranteed to Go Course Offerings

These courses are guaranteed to be offered this summer.

Courses for Summer Sessions 2018 are listed below by College, Special Sessions, and 1 and 2 Unit Courses. Please note that course offerings are subject to change so be sure to confirm details during registration. If there are specific questions about a course, please contact the appropriate department. Registration will begin in April.

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College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Course Title Course
Adult & Aging HDE 100C
Biological Oceanography ESP 150C
Business Law ARE 018
Coastal Oceanography ESP 152
Cognitive Develop HDE 101
Community Youth Dev CRD 147
Consumer behavior CNS100
Contem American Fam HDE 110
Cross-Cultural Child HDE 103
Current topics on nutrition NUT011
Discover&concepts NUT010
Econometrics ARE 106
Economic Dev ARE 115A
Env Impact Assessment ESP 179
Environmental Analysis ESP 001
Environmental Stress and Embryo Development in Marine Organisms ETX 127/NUT 127
Expt in Nutrition NUT130
Farm and Rural Resources Appr AES 145
Field Studies of Soils in California Ecosystems SSC105
Field Studies of Soils in California Ecosystems SSC205
Financial Mgnt ARE 171A
Financial Mgnt ARE 171B
Food in American Culture FST 055/AMS 055
Food, folklore&health FST010
Futures & Options Markets ARE 139
General Ecology ESP 100
Human Sexuality HDE 012
Inancy and Early Child HDE 100A
Inter Managerial Acctg ARE 119
Intermed Microeconomics ARE 100A
Intermed Microeconomics ARE 100B
Investments ARE 143
Longevity ENT 117/HDE 117
Managerial Marketing ARE 136
Marine and Costal Field Ecology ESP 124
Middle Child & Adol HDE 100B
Molecular Biol Lab Tech ANG111
Nutritional Anthropolgy NUT120AN
Oper Res and Mgnt Sci ARE 155
Organization Mgnt ARE 112
Plant Genetics and Biotechnology BIT 161A
Real Estate Economics AES 144
Res Method Human Dev HDE 120
Social & Personal HDE 102
Stress and Development NUT127
Tax Accounting ARE 118
Toxic Tragedies ETX 110
College of Biological Sciences
Course Title Course
Animal Behavior NPB 102
Bichemistry lab MCB 120L
Coastal Marine Research BIS 124
Exp Invertebrate Biology EVE 114
General Biology BIS 10
GI Physiology NPB 114
Global Change Ecology EVE 120
Intro to Evolution EVE 100
Introduction to Biology: Essentials of Life on Earth BIS 2A
Introduction to Biology: Essentials of Life on Earth BIS2A
Introduction to Biology: Principles of Ecology and Evolution BIS002B
Introduction to Ecology EVE101
Introductory Microbiology MIC102
Introductory Microbiology MIC102
Introductory Microbiology Laboratory MIC103L
Marine Environ Issues EVE111
Natural History of Infectious Diseases MIC10
Neurobiology NPB 100
Neurobiology of Addictive Drugs NPB 168
Systemic Physiology NPB 101
Systemic Physiology Lab NPB 101L
College of Engineering
Course Title Course
Algorithm Design and Analysis ECS060
Algorithm Design and Analysis ECS122A
Automatic Control of Engineering Systems EME172
Chemical Engineering Transport Lab ECH 145B
Circuits I ENG017
Circuits I ENG017
Circuits II EEC100
Computer Architecture ECS154A
Dynamics ENG102
Engineering Prob Solving ENG006
Ethics in an Age of Tech ECS188
Experimental Methods EME109
Fluid Mechanics ENG103
Heat Transfer EME165
Introduction to Programming ECS010
Machine Dependent Prog ECS050
Mech of Materials ENG104
Probabilistic Sys Anlys ECI114
Programming&Prob Solving ECS030
Programming&Prob Solving EEC180A
Properties of Materials ENG45Y
Statics ENG035
Thermodynamics ENG105
College of Letters & Sciences
Course Title Course
3D Computer Graphics TCS130
Abnormal Psychology PSC168
Academic Oral Communication LIN015
Advanced Bio-organic Chemistry Laboratory CHE135
Advanced Composition UWP101
Advanced ESL Writing UWP023
African American Music AAS190
African Art AHI150
American National Government POL001
American Popular Culture AMS130
Analysis of Economic Data ECN102
Analysis of U.S. Foreign Policy POL131
Analytical and Physical Chemical Methods CHE105
Ancient Greece and the Near East: 500 to 146 B.C.E. CLA002
Applied Linear Algebra MAT167
Applied Statistical Methods: Analysis of Variance STA106
Applied Statistical Methods: Regression AnalysisApplied Statistical Methods: Regression Analysis STA108
Applied Statistics for Biological Sciences STA100
Astronomy AST010S
Biological Oceanography GEL 150C
Bus & Econ Applied Statistics STA103
CAD for Designers DES150A
Calc for BioSci MAT17A
CHI Poster Workshop CHI172
CHI Poster Workshop CHI172
Children in America AMS152
Chysical Chemistry: Prperties of Atoms and Molecules CHE110B
Classical Physics PHY009A
Classical Physics PHY009B
Classical Physics PHY009C
Coding for Designers DES111
Cognitive Development PSC141/HDE101
Cognitive Neuroscience PSC135
Combinatorics MAT145
Communication Theory CMN101
Comparative Political Institutions: Electoral Systems POL140A
Computational Linguistics LIN177
Computer-Mediated Commun. CMN172
Conceptual Integrated Science 1 GEL 185A
Contact Improv DRA43A
Contemporary Issues in CHI Art CHI170
Contemporary Trends in Media CMN148
Critical Reasoning PHI005
Design Drawing DES014
Developmental Psychology PSC140
Digital Stories AAS190
Documentary Production TCS104
Earth History: Paleobiology GEL 107
Earth Systems Science GEL002
Earthquakes and Other Hazards GEL017
Elementary French FRE001
Elementary French FRE002
Elementary French FRE003
Elementary Spanish SPA001
Elementary Spanish SPA002
Elementary Spanish SPA002V
Elementary Spanish SPA003
Elementary Spanish SPA003V
Elementary Statistics STA013
Empirical Methods in Comm. CMN102
Ethnic Self-Determination and International Conflict POL126
Evolution & Paleobiolgy of Dinosaurs GEL012
Expository Writing UWP001
Expository Writing UWP001Y
Filmmaking Foundations CTS020
Form and Color DES015
Gender and Law WMS140
General Chemistry CHE002A
General Chemistry CHE002C
General Physics PHY001A
General Physics PHY007A
General Physics PHY007B
General Physics PHY007C
General Psychology PSC001
Global Fashion DES131
Global Humanities Forum HUM002A
Graphic Design DES116
Graphics & the Computer DES016
Health Psychology PSC126
History of Life GEL003
History of Political Theory: Early Modern POL118B
History of the Spanish Language SPA115
History of the United States HIS0017A
History of the United States HIS0017B
History of Western Civilization HIS004C
Hormones & Behavior PSC123/NPB152
Human Biological Variation ANT153
Human Evolution ANT152
Human Osteology ANT156A
Human Rights in Latin America HMR161
Inorganic Chemistry: Fundamentals CHE124A
Instrumental Analysis CHE 115
Intensive Elem Japanese JPN001A
Intensive Elem Spanish SPA001A
Intensive Elementary German GER001A
Interactive Media I DES117
Intercultural Communication CMN 123
Intercultural Communication CMN 122
Intercultural Communication CMN 136
Interm ESL Writing UWP022
Intermed Draw: Color ART103B
Intermediate Macro Theory ECN101
Intermediate Micro Theory ECN100
Intermediate Symbolic Logic PHI112
International Relations POL003
Interp Comm Competence CMN003V
Interpersonal Communication CMN120
Intro ESL Writing UWP021
Intro Music Theory MUS03A-002
Intro to Acting DRA010
Intro to Bioethics PHI015
Intro to Biological Psychology PSC101
Intro to Cognitive Psychology PSC100
Intro to Cognitive Psychology (hybrid) PSC100Y
Intro to Cognitive Science PHI010/CGS 001 
Intro to Communication CMN010V
Intro to Personality Psychology PSC162
Intro to Philosophy of Biology PHI038
Intro to Philosophy of Science PHI030
Intro to Pub Speaking CMN001
Intro to Symbolic Logic PHI012
Introduction to Comparative Politics POL002
Introduction to CW: Fiction ENL005F
Introduction to Ethics PHI024
Introduction to Linguistics LIN001
Introduction to Lit Theory ENL 110A
Introduction to Literature ENL003
Introduction to Mass Comm CMN140
Introduction to Native American Lit NAS005
Introduction to Native American Studies NAS001
Introduction to Social Research SCO046A
Introduction to Sociology SCO001
Legal Philosophy POL154
Letterforms & Type DES115
Linguistic Analysis: 1 LIN103A
Linguistic Analysis: 2 LIN103B
Literatures in English III ENL010C
Major books of Western Culture COM004
Mass Media and Politics POL165
Math Statistics STA131B
Math Statistics - Brief STA130A
Math Statistics - Brief STA130B
Minds, Brains, Computers PHI013G
Modern Algebra MAT150A
Modern Physics PHY009D
Mysticism RST115
National Security Policy POL132
National Security Policy POL147A
Number Theory MAT115A
Organic Chemistry for Health and Life Sciences CHE118A
Organic Chemistry for Health and Life Sciences CHE118B
Organic Chemistry for Health and Life Sciences CHE118C
Organic Chemistry: Brief Course CHE008A
Organic Chemistry: Brief Course CHE008B
Perception PSC131
Philosophy of Biology PHI108
Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences CHE107A
Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences CHE107B
Physical Chemistry: Propoerties of Atoms and Molecules CHE110A
Physiological Psychobiology PSC121
Politics and Sports POL012A
PreCalculus MAT012
Primate Evolutionary Ecology ANT154B
Principles of Macroeconomics ECN001B
Principles of Microeconomics ECN001A
Principles of Microeconomics ECN001AV
Psychology and Law PSC153
Psychology of Emotion PSC154
Psychology of the Self PSC161
Religion and Science Fiction RST042
Religion, Magic, and Science RST120
Research Methods in Psych PSC041
Scientific Reasoning PHI031
Scientific Study of Politics POL051
Screen and Digital Print DES161
Short Calculus MAT016A
Short Calculus MAT016B
Short Calculus MAT016C
Social Media CMN 174
Social Media CMN 170V
Social Psychology PSC151
Social/Personality Develop PSC142/HDE102
Sociology of the CHI Experience CHI110
Southeast Asian American Experience ASA189E
Special Topic HMR130
Statistical Analysis of Psych Data PSC103A
Studio Practice Sus Des DES127B
Summer Field Geology GEL 110
Teaching SPA Native Tongue SPA117
The Earth GEL001
Theory in Social-Cultural Anthropology ANT100
Topics in LAT/AMER Lit SPA 159
Topics in Medieval Lit ENL 111
Topics in Mediterranean Anceient Religion RST132
Type in Motion DES151
When Institutions Fail POL140D
WIP Business Writing UWP104A
WIP Legal Writing UWP104B
WIP Writing in Health Prof UWP104F
WIP Writing in Science UWP104E
World History III HIS010C
Graduate School of Management
Course Title Course
Elementary Accounting MGT11a
Financing New Bus Vent MGT160
Managing Costs & Quality MGT170
Mktg for Tech Enterprise MGT140
Mnging & Using Info Tech MGT120
Supply Chain Management MGT180
Supply Chain Management MGT11b
Technology Management MGT150
School of Education
Course Title Course
Educational Psychology: General   EDU110
Educating Children with Disabilities   EDU115
Children, Learning and Material Culture EDU122
Issues in Higher Education EDU130
Introduction to Schools EDU100
Special Session
Course Title Course Start date End date Refund Deadline
Intensive Elementary Arabic ARB 001A 06/25/18 9/14/2018 7/2/2018
Summer Field Geology GEL 110 06/18/18 7/31/2018 6/14/2018
Intensive Elementary German GER 001A 06/25/18 9/14/2018 7/2/2018
Intensive Elemetray Japanese JPN 001A 06/25/18 9/14/2018 7/2/2018
Molecular and Cellular Biology Lecture MCB 120 07/23/18 9/14/2018 7/2/2018
Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab MCB 120L 07/23/18 9/14/2018 7/2/2018
Systemic Physiology Lab NPB 101L 06/25/18 9/14/2018 7/2/2018
Field Studies of Soils SSC 105 06/25/18 7/16/2018 6/14/2018
Summer Field Course (Soil Science) SSC 205 06/25/18 7/16/2018 6/14/2018
Intensive Elementary Spanish SPA 001A 06/25/18 9/14/2018 7/2/2018
Political Science Internship POL 192A 06/18/18 8/21/2018 6/18/2018
Res in Practical Policy POL 193 06/18/18 8/21/2018 6/18/2018
The California Policy Seminar POL 195 06/18/18 8/21/2018 6/18/2018
Political Science Research Methods Seminar POL196E 06/18/18 8/21/2018 6/18/2018
1 and 2 Unit Courses
Course Title Course Units
Basic Life Sciences Lab BIS011L 1
Beginning Modern Dance DRA040A 2
Beginning Ballet DRA042A 2
Beginning Hip Hop Dance DRA044A 2
Drones and Quadcopters EAE010 2
First-Year Seminar FRS002/003/004 2
Dinosaurs GEL012 2
Earthquakes GEL017 2
Integrated Science I GEL185A 2
Intro Research Conf HDE190C 1
Research Conf HDE290C 1
Experiments in Nutrition NUT230 2
Drugs and Society PHE040 2
Healthful Living PHE044 2
Contact Improv DRA043A 2
Marine Environment Issues ESP111 1
Toxic Tragedies ETX021 2
Earthquakes GEL017 2