Session 1: June 22nd - July 31st   |   Session 2: August 3rd - September 11th

Summer Sessions staff are working remotely through April 7th due to health concerns related to COVID19. There may be a delay in responses to voicemails and emails. 

Online Courses

Why take online courses?

Online courses are a great opportunity to take a class if you will not be in Davis over the summer or need flexibility in your schedule due to work! Online Courses (virtual courses) are taken completely online. Unless otherwise indicated, there are no in-person meetings. Current UC students can participate in online courses through cross-campus enrollment, further expanding their opportunities to advance towards their degree.

Decisions regarding online courses for summer 2020 are being made. Last updated: March 23, 2020

UC Davis

Designator Course Title Session
CMN 003V Interpersonal Communication Competence I
CMN 010V Introduction to Communication I
CMN 150V Computational Social Science II
CMN 170V Digital Technology I
ECN 001AV Principles of Microeconomics I & II
NUT 010V Discovery & Concepts of Nutrition II
SPA 002V Elementary Spanish I
SPA 003V Elementary Spanish II
SPA 021V Intermediate Spanish I I
SPA 022V Intermediate Spanish II II