Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for UC Davis Students

I am currently enrolled as a UC Davis student. Do I have to apply?  How do I enroll in summer classes?

Currently enrolled UC Davis students do not need to apply - just register during your pass time.  You can enroll in Summer Session courses via Schedule Builder, the same way you enroll in Academic Year courses.   

Any UC Davis undergraduate is considered to be a continuing student if they (1) attended classes at UC Davis during the spring 2016 term and (2) are not on PELP or other leave, and (3) have not filed to graduate in the Spring 2016 term.

I’ve been admitted to UC Davis and will begin this fall.  Am I considered a UC Davis student for Summer Sessions?

  • You’re considered a “pre-matriculated” UC Davis student.  What this means for you:
  • You have to apply to attend Summer Sessions.  
  • You will pay at the UC student rate (rates vary for undergraduate and graduate students).
  • You may be eligible for financial aid; if so, you will need to complete the online Financial Aid Summer Application which will be available beginning May 25, 2016. Please see the Questions about Financial Aid section below for additional information.

I am a UC Davis student but was not registered during spring quarter.    

  • You must apply to attend Summer Sessions.
  • You will pay at the UC student course and campus fee rates, as long as you are enrolled in a degree seeking program and your degree has not been awarded.
  • To be eligible for Summer Financial Aid, you must either be enrolled in or PELPed during Spring term.  More details may be found on the Summer Financial Aid webpage.
How do I get started?

Do I have to apply?

Currently enrolled UC Davis students do not need need to apply.  Requirements vary for all others.  Please see the Get Started page or read more below.

How do I check on the status of my application? How do I know if I have been accepted to Summer Sessions?

Summer Sessions applications are not processed by the Summer Sessions Office. All applications go to the Office of the Registrar and are processed there. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your application. If you do not receive an acknowledgement email after submitting your application within 48 hours, please email the registrar's office:

You can expect to receive another email with your UC Davis email address and student ID number with instructions as to how to register for courses before open registration begins.

Audits, Incompletes, and Restrictions

Are there any enrollment restrictions on Summer Session courses?

There are relatively few enrollment restrictions and these are given in the course listings. For example, satisfactory scores on diagnostic exams are required for enrollment in lower division mathematics and chemistry courses. There are no Summer Sessions courses that are restricted to majors only.

I would like to sit in on a course to improve my understanding of the subject matter, is that possible?

No. Auditing is not allowed during Summer Sessions. You are required to register and pay fees for any course you wish to attend.

I want to register for two courses, but they overlap by a half hour. Will I be allowed to register for both?

The registration system, myucdavis Schedule Builder, will not allow you to add a course that conflicts with another course on your schedule. A Permission To Add (PTA) number is required to override the time conflict. Contact the department offering the course to obtain the PTA number.

What do I have to do to complete an Incomplete, or “I” grade, during Summer Sessions?

Summer Sessions should be treated like any other academic term for the purpose of changing your grade.  Please refer the Online Grade Change Tool page for information and instructions.  

What if I’m not a UC Davis student?

Do I have to be a college student to attend UC Davis Summer Sessions?

No! Summer Sessions are open to the general public, including high school students who have completed their junior year and are capable of handling introductory-level university courses are eligible to attend UC Davis Summer Sessions.  An additional verification form is required.   For a full eligibility list, please visit the Apply page.

I am a student at another college.  How do I apply?

Complete the online Summer Sessions application.

Will the units that I earn at UC Davis transfer to my home campus?

All units transfer within the UC system unless the course duplicates work previously completed. Outside of the UC system, your home campus will need to evaluate possible transfer units. A general rule is that three quarter units equal two semester units. You will also need to check with an academic advisor at your home campus to determine whether a course that fulfills a major requirement at UC Davis will fulfill that same major requirement on your home campus.

I’ve enrolled in classes, but have questions about my schedule.

If I am on the waitlist, how will I know if I get into course?

A. You will be sent an email (to your UC Davis email address) once you have been moved from the waitlist. Always log into myucdavis to check your schedule before the session begins. Waitlists will be canceled on the dates listed in the Summer Sessions calendar.

I would like to drop ALL my courses but Schedule Builder won't let me, why?

Once you have registered for a Summer Session term, myucdavis Schedule Builder will not allow you to drop your last course. students who intend to drop all of their classes and wish to no longer be enrolled in any summer term must submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form to the Office of the University Registrar.  Please visit the Summer Sessions Refunds page for instructions and a link to the Cancellation/Withdrawal form.  

My courses were dropped from my schedule. What happened?

Schedule Builder will automatically drop students from courses for non-payment of fees, returned tuition checks, repeating a non-repeatable course, and enrolling in more than one course with the same meeting time, courses with restrictions, or courses that have been canceled.

Multiple-part courses that require a Course Registration Number (CRN) for a second and/or third part will be dropped if one part of the course is closed, or if you did not enter appropriate CRNs for all parts of the course. You must enroll in all parts of a multiple-part course that does not have a combined schedule.

How do I know if my course time or location was changed?

Once you are enrolled, log into myucdavis Schedule Builder to query the most recent changes in location or time of your course(s).

What happens if one of my courses is cancelled?  

Students should verify course information on Schedule Builder or the Class Search Tool prior to registration and attending classes.  If your course is cancelled, you will be dropped from the course.  An email notification will be sent to your UC Davis email address.

Will my financial aid be affected?

Aid disburses based on enrolled units; therefore your summer financial aid may be affected if you cancel courses.  A reduction in units may result in a change to the aid package, including possible cancellation if enrollment falls below six units. Please refer to the Withdrawing or Dropping Coursework section of the Return of Title IV Funds and Refund Policies webpage.

Attending Class

I will not be able to attend the first day of class. What should I do?

Notify the instructor that you will be absent. If you do not, you may be required by the instructor to drop the course.  If you are required to drop the course during the first week and it was the only course you wanted to enroll in for summer, please submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form to the Office of the University Registrar before the end of the first week of the session. See the Summer Sessions Calendar for deadlines.

When will finals take place?

In most cases, finals are given during the last class meeting. There is no official "finals date" for summer session courses. Please check with the department sponsoring the course and/or the instructor of the course.

Summer Financial Aid

Do I qualify for financial aid?

Financial aid eligibility is tied to your financial aid status during the academic year prior to the summer you wish to enroll, i.e. you must have a 2016-2017 FAFSA or California Dream Act Application on file for summer 2017 aid consideration. Students must enroll in six (6) or more units total for the summer to be eligible for financial aid. Please visit the Summer Financial Aid webpage for important information on other eligibility requirements.

When will I be awarded financial aid?

Financial Aid and Scholarships will begin to award students with aid mid to late May. You will be processed in the order of the date that you registered for six (6) or more units for the Summer term(s). Email notifications will be sent out weekly once financial aid packages are available. You can visit the Summer Financial Aid  webpage for more information.

How accurate is the Summer Aid Estimator in determining how much aid I will receive?

The Summer Aid Estimator is a best guess based on many factors such as aid received during the year, aid eligibility, enrollment status and Expected Family Contribution, et al. Changes to any of these factors may result in a greater deviation between the estimated amount and the actual summer aid package.  Click the link to use the Summer Aid Estimator.  

Summer Health Care and Housing

I have a question about the health services fee and my SHIP coverage from previous terms. Whom do I contact?

Student Health and Counseling Services will be able to help you with any questions about summer health services and health insurance.  You can contact them at (530) 752-6055, or for information about UC SHIP visit the Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) insurance webpage.

What health services are available on campus during summer?

Please see the Student Health and Counseling Services website.

Where can I find information regarding student housing during the summer?

Please see the Summer Session Live and Work page.

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